Day 4: The Mind as an Observer

The Sunshine Team had Mondayitis today–and it was Tuesday! And yet there was a marvellous opportunity for true Yoga today. Perhaps the rush of Christmastime had jarred the recruits and kept them in their more external focus. The most important aspect to take out of today’s training was to take on the mind as an observer. New postures can bring up emotions. In yoga that is seen as valuable as it gives the yogi an opportunity to deal with those emotions in a controlled environment. Common responses are to become frustrated, upset, defensive, or angry. The beauty of Yoga Bootcamp is that you can roll through those reactions, guided by the Yamas and Niyamas.

When your Bootcamp Sergeant suggests you could go further, do differently, lift higher, move the belly button etc, it is to send you inside yourself. Your response to take you mind back in to your nervous system (which in turn controls your muscles) and wonder and ponder “how could this be?, how could this happen? how could this be achieved”. It is a wonder, a ponder, a silent and still questioning…creating a space from which the answer will come. And the answer will come back through the body–not through the intellect. You wonder, “How could I possibly lift higher?”. You wait. Response AHA! Suddenly the muscles find a little more stretch, a little more strength. That, my dear recruits and readers is the true mind-body connection.

Day 3: Shoulders and Spine

Today we mobilised the shoulders as promised. We also worked the famous Yoga Bootcamp “puddle and snatch’ move to work the spine and abs at the same time. Shoulders responded much better than expected. Great roll-up to all week one sessions. Recruits rated the session highly and their participation high. The trainer was pleased. When learning new movements, it works well to leave it to sink in and then review it – so looking forward to next week! Big focus on digesting in preparation for Christmas and New Year.

Day 10: Cardio and Spine

A quick review of the major postures including the planks and arm and abs poses. Lots of focus today on the movement in the spine. Had planned to do a recuperative session, but a couple of recruits missing-in-action so lifted the energy by doing lunges, leg kicks, and warrior/ balancing down the length of the room. Spent some time working the spine suspended in dog pose on the ropes wall, and carried that learning onto the seated forward bends.

Day 4: Our Most original Team ever!

This morning the Yoga Bootcamp went from a group to a Team. They have named themselves ‘Team Strawberry Strength’. The name chosen is a combination of the 13 group goals. This becomes a Team goal and sets this Yoga Bootcamp apart from any other. some recruits are at a point of confusion, where they haVe picked movements up easily Day 1 or 2, but are having difficulty maintaining it at Day 4. This is simply an assimilation issue, and if the ego stays out of it, the body will regain what it had in days one and two. There was a group task this morning that involved bolsters being used dynamically. Full points to Fighter for throwing the bolster to the Yoga Trainer, and Beroca, who was holding up to three bolsters at one time for the continuity of the task. Two very innovative thoughts – never before seen in 12 months of Yoga bootcamp.
This Team has named their Yoga /Trainer —– ‘SERGEANT DELIGHT’!!!