Yoga BootCamp Goes HOT!

Inviting all Winter Warriors to the upcoming Yoga BootCamp Program 14 – 31 July 2014. Whilst it is not ‘hot yoga’, the room will be warmed and you will work in a way that warms your body from the inside out.

Using Yoga to increase your body’s heat and metabolism, is a sure-fire way to stay  well ver this cold month, and over Winter.  Two Teams for this Intensive that caters for any level of yoga [think Group Personal Training].  contact susan for Your spot at 5.45 am, or 7 am 0410 570 441S

Yoga BootCamps – signing on now!

Yoga [cardio] BootCamp

June BootCamps theme is the heart. Why? Well, it’s my birthday, so why not!  I am focussing on the heart in all its ways. I am bringing consciousness to the centre of your being through your heart – your physical heart and cardio-vascular system, heartrate, relaxing tension around the heart. June Yoga BootCamps are therefore about the heart – cardio work within yoga, warmth from the yoga poses, and hearty and heartfelt stretching sessions daily plus heartful breathing techniques for Autumn health.

Early morning Yoga BootCamps are at 5.45 am, or 7 am each daily session runs for one hour. They start straight after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend and run from Tuesday 10th – Thursday 26 June. Sessions run Mon – Thurs for three weeks [except that first day]. Continue reading

Yoga Stretch Programs start Monday!

I am thrilled to bring a popular request into the Studio. Many times I am asked about Stretching, how to do stretches for different areas – legs, hips, shoulders.

Starting Monday 7th April, I am running two early morning Yoga Stretch sessions. This is a once-a-event in the break between Yoga BootCamps.

Susan Wanmer Yoga class at Milton Yoga Studio

Yoga Stretch Programs for all levels

 Join me 4 mornings a week for these two weeks.

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Yoga BootCamp – EKKA ABs Focus

It’s Ekka time in Brisbane, and Yoga BootCamp is back with a Springtime theme: Your ABs! Fresh new Yoga, fresh new Team, and a fresh new Focus in time for Spring. Yoga BootCamp runs for three weeks and kicks off from Monday 19 August. The great thing with a small personalised group, is that you won’t fall behind if you miss a session. Your Yoga Trainer ‘The Sarge’promises to repeat any important sessions if you miss a day.


In your package, you get up to 12 Group sessions at 5.45 am, plus your individualised ‘Signon/ Inductionsession’. The three timeslots to signon are: Monday 12 august 6 pm, Sunday 18th at 5 pm, or Monday 19th 6 pm for a Tuesday start.


If you have any enquiries, just contact me [Susan/ Sarge], otherwise book and pay online, or call me for questions: 3369 7404.

Milton Yoga Studio BootCamp suits all levels. Sign-on this Week. 5.45 am Team

Milton Yoga Studio BootCamp suits all levels. Sign-on this Week. 5.45 am Team

Yoga Bootcamps

Yoga Bootcamps are back!

Signing-on Next week for the May round. It runs 12 sessions plus sign-on 6 – 23 May. If the details aren’t updated online yet, contact us on 0410 570 441, to secure your spot in case in sells out before we even get it on th eswebsite. Popular!