Stress Management Consulting – Yoga

Stress Management Consulting – Yoga

Learn Stress Management Consulting/ Lifeskills Consulting/ Wellness Consulting… through our Yoga Teacher Training. 15 modules  – with the contact hours mostly run over weekends here at Milton Yoga Studio. The Yoga Teacher Training 350 hour level frames your learning in a way that you are seeing the thousands of possibilities of how the ancient art and science of yoga can help in the modern-day world. Intake is by application and interview only, as you need to be on your  personal journey towards increased wellness – this is an experiential learning, not a purely academic one.

Susan Wanmer Stress Management trainer with Paul Blackburn of Beyond Success. Train with Susan in Stress Management Consulting at her Milton Yoga Studio, Brisbane, Australia

Susan Wanmer Stress Management Consulting

Being on your path simply means you are heading in the direction of health. You don’t have to be a health nut! Nor do you need to be ‘good’ at yoga (this is one of the myths we will bust). In fact you don’t have to have done any yoga before applying for the program. No prior yoga simply means you are trained in good habits from the start – and you will have at least 12 months yoga behind you by the time you finish.

Contact Susan Wanmer through this site, or email her for a little more information if this speaks to your heart, your desire and your vision for your life – and helping others live their potential.




Pay online Milton Yoga Studio Brisbane

Pay online Milton Yoga Studio Brisbane

Now you can put yourself on a class list, book for any event and even pay online at our secure site. Creat yourself a simple login so you are set up for all future classes and events 24 hours a day and even from your mobile phone!

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 Power Yoga is a dynamic flow style of hatha yoga which clients tell us is challenging and really rewarding. Kaya Slater-Chisholm brings her experience of POWER YOGA, and HOT YOGA into our air-conditioned studio. If you want to be challenged, or want Hot Yoga without the heat, try the POWER YOGA classes with Kaya!

Power Yoga Milton Yoga Studio

Power Yoga Milton Yoga Studio

If you are looking specifically for Power Yoga, or Hot Yoga style without the heat, Kaya is the perfect instructor for you. Indian-trained as well as qualifications in teacher training from England, Kaya also has a gentle style of instructing. Guys and girls – this is the class for you!

You will leave the class knowing you have done something, fully relaxed, with your body strengthening and stretching out. If you are concerned that yoga might be too difficult for you, or that you are not flexible enough, or not sure if guys can attend, then you are in the right place. Contact us to ask any questions you may have, and let us guide you.  We are expanding the yoga timetable to cater for beginners to advanced, so no-one is left out!

 How to do Power Yoga?

Kaya will take you from step one. Even if you have never done it before, join in while the classes are small and building up and get her undivided attention.  

Do I need to book  for a class? YES! Bookings mean we know who is attending  and that means we can cater specifically for your needs at the class. It also confirms the timeslot for you. book straight in in for one of the regular group group classes on Mondays, Tuesdays , Wednesday and Thursdays. Simply choose the timeslot that is best for you and contact us by phone: 3369 7404; SMS on the day 0410 570 441;  or

  POWER YOGA CLASS TIMETABLE Mornings*, Daytime, Evenings

  Our regular weekly Yoga classes:  

  •  Mondays 9.15 am “Dynamic Hatha” [Power] 
  • Mondays  5pm NEW! POWER YOGA CLASS
  •  Wednesdays 9.15 am “Dynamic Hatha” [Power] 

 Contact us by phone: 3369 7404; SMS on the day 0410 570 441;  or  To speak with Kaya directly, call her on 0451984003, she’ll answer your questions directly.

Yoga Byron Bay with live DJ

Yoga Byron Bay with live DJ all this week at Temple Byron!

Simlon Borg-Olivier is running five workshops from 15 – 19 November where he teaches a yoga vinyasa for the first half, and it is put to music for the practice – no verbal instructions. Lose yourself in yoga and music!

Bookings through Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441 or

Held at Temple Byron – you will need to contact Susan for times

Human anatomy seminar weekends for yoga, pilates, YOU!

Wondering what would you gain by attending one, or both weekends interactive seminars where you can observe or participate in the interactive learning? Click the link below for the attached table of easy points. Contact us for more info or to book in through our secure pay online page through the facebook link or on this site.

TABLE of benefits for you: Anatomy Weekends Nov – What you will gain