Absolute Beginners Yoga

Absolute Beginners Yoga

If you think you are too busy, too inexperienced, too old, too unfit, too inflexible, too __________ [add your own reason here!] to do YOGA…..you’re not!

Absolute Beginners love Milton Yoga Studio classes!

Attending a Yoga Studio where there are bolsters, blankets and straps, means that there are easy ways to support your body doing yoga poses. These yoga accessories are called ‘props’ and not all studios have them. We do!

Two areas where beginners begome quickly reassured, is in the standing poses, and the seated poses. Most people are ok standing, and the yoga poses are subtle ways to build core strength and power through the body and legs. ‘Absolute Beginners’ become adapted to a general class in just a few short weeks, learning to use props for support.

Seated poses are more restful for the body and this is usually where you bring in yoga breathing, meditation, and helath-giving gentle twists. If sitting is difficult for your knee – you just keep that leg straight. If your ankles bother you, prop yourself up against a wall. If you can’t sit cross-legged because your hips are tight, or it is really hard, we have yoga chairs you can sit on and bolsters to pop under you. See? Easy! No difficulties that we can’t work with.

 Absolute Beginners Yoga

Beginner’s Yoga is hard to define as we dont know how old you are, your weight, if you have done any type of exercise before. From our side a beginner could be aged 18 – 70, weigh 48 kgs – 120 kgs….so contact us if you aren’t sure, of just book in for a class and see how wonderful you feel afterwards.

Gayatri’s 9.15 am Tuesdays yoga class comes highly recommended if you are available during the day. Plenty of parking, quiet, and it’s a gentle class that will work you strongly but in a subtle way.

Contact her directly on 0423 322 035, or the Milton Yoga Studio Brisbane 3369 7404, or click here to add yourself directly to the yoga class list – and to see evening classes for beginners as well.


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