A & P course in Brisbane, Classes in Byron. 10 day feast!

 Noticeboard: work/life balance events sell out quickly hereSusan Wanmer writes ” Ok, perhaps I am biased because I have seen a fair bit of Simon Borg-Olivier‘s teaching, but he is Australia’s National Living Treasure of Yoga. Why does he deserve that title?
  1. 1. Simon has studied extensively in India with the masters. He embodies their teachings.
  2. The man is a scientist. Not satisfied with a science degree, he qualified and registered as a Physiotherapist, bringing us a wonderful collaboration of eastern and western training*.
  3. Let’s face it – he’s no spring chicken – having just had a birthday when I was last in Sydney at the last A & P weekend. Many of his peers can no longer continue at the level that Simon maintains. He continues at that level, because he understands how much strain and tension the human body can and cannot handle safely. “Simon Borg-Olivier: YogaSynergy
  4. Study with a master of science and a master of Yoga!

  5. A & P Intensive 21-30 November!

  6. There is a reason Simon is asked to lecture and demonstrate at cutting-edge Fitness Expos and to groups of doctors and health professionals. If you have an interest in the human body, either from a preventive or risk management form of exercise physiology, or treatment modalities such as sports medicine, musculo-skeletal practitioners,  yoga teachers/ students, you need to attend his Applied Anatomy and Physiology Seminars here in Brisbane to soak yourself in this treasure’s knowledge!

Weekend A 21-23 November 2008, Weekend B 28-30 November 2008Interactive Anatomy & Physiology!  36 hours total

Mini-seminars on the Friday evenings* $77. $427 each weekend, or $797 for both. * Friday evenings are included in the weekend price. Certificates of attendance included. Enquiries (07) 33697404, or email us  synergy@miltonyogastudio.com.au         

“Vote for Simon here on our blog! Leave  your comments and questions for him, or for Susan.”

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