Day 11:

It is unusual to carry on the poses from one day to the next, as Yoga Bootcamp isn’t about being technical, but the opportunity was too good to miss. Recuperative session today. This session was the yin to the yang. The first 40 minutes was quiet, still, slow, stretching, stretching and more stretching. Started out with a mini-endurance meditation to focus, calm and preserve the energy. Then send the energy gently down the legs as we came out of virasana. Some recruits were fidgeting and wriggling (which is the body’s way of trying to come back up to its usual way of being). But beyond the fidgeting was the ability to allow the aches and distractions to fall in to the background.

Then continuing on the ‘dog wall’ working the spine in the ropes. Big improvement from yesterday. fantastic seeing the awareness flowing through the spine. Giraffe-woman–your neck is looking different as of yesterday! Graduation tomorrow.

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