Day 3: Yoga with Police Protection?!

Yoga [Toning] Bootcamp0610 hours and the Tibetan singing bowl was just bringing the Yoga Bootcamp out of meditation. Our surprise guest trainer for the morning who had sneaked in during meditation, was Police Constable ‘Lewis’. His 50 minute session worked the cardio-vascular fitness a little more than the previous two days. Much focus oncore strength and correct placement of the back in preparation for the Core Stength Yoga Workshop on Saturday. It was fantastc from a yoga training point of view to be able to walk around and observe. The recruits who lacked abdominal strength and overused the head and neck, were stiff through the spine. So, we will add spinal limbering into the mix next week. the session with Constable Lewis reminded the Yoga Bootcamp of the importance of doing the more dynamic (flowing) movements to help build flexibility and fitness.

2 thoughts on “Day 3: Yoga with Police Protection?!

  1. Great idea to have a celebrity trainer. Bootcamp with police protection
    Please thank Lewis, the friendly neighbourhood cop, who was prepared to get up early like us and give up his time to help us have fun as well as a great workout. He certainly set a cracking pace but most kept up with him. I for one very much appreciated his help and enthusiasm.

    Oh so pleased that Sergeant Bootcamp vetoed the one armed pushups or the planks in the extended arm position that apparently had been considered!!!! That would have moved the session from reward to punishment.

    Giraffe Woman

  2. epaulette Says:

    November 14th, 2007 at 5:32 pm e

    What a surprise to have the police turn up to train us at the bootcamp this morning! Another nice paradox, really. I can feel it in the abs already thanks.

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