Day 4: Our Most original Team ever!

This morning the Yoga Bootcamp went from a group to a Team. They have named themselves ‘Team Strawberry Strength’. The name chosen is a combination of the 13 group goals. This becomes a Team goal and sets this Yoga Bootcamp apart from any other. some recruits are at a point of confusion, where they haVe picked movements up easily Day 1 or 2, but are having difficulty maintaining it at Day 4. This is simply an assimilation issue, and if the ego stays out of it, the body will regain what it had in days one and two. There was a group task this morning that involved bolsters being used dynamically. Full points to Fighter for throwing the bolster to the Yoga Trainer, and Beroca, who was holding up to three bolsters at one time for the continuity of the task. Two very innovative thoughts – never before seen in 12 months of Yoga bootcamp.
This Team has named their Yoga /Trainer —– ‘SERGEANT DELIGHT’!!!

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