Dogs are dogs, people are people! Doga…

“If you want Doga, ask the Dogini”…If you search on the internet, there is some crazy stuff happening with humans and dogs in classes and on yoga mats! Susan Wanmer, Dogini,  takes yoga, human, and pet health seriously too. If you are wondering what professional animal people think about Yoga with your Dog, or DOGA, read what the celebrity Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan said in an interview last year:

Q. “But is this a good thing for our dogs? I asked the Dog Whisperer. He said it’s OK to baby our dogs — within limits. “A dog can be everything,” Millan said. “It can be a child, it can be a soul mate, it can be a partner. But he’s animal and dog first.”

Millan, who grew up in Mexico, believes most American dogs are unstable because they lack owners who understand dogs’ pack mentality, and therefore fail to provide strong leadership. Millan promotes a regimen that includes long daily walks and requires a good deal of time and dedication on the part of dog owners.

Although he talks tough about discipline and boundaries for our dogs, Millan’s philosophy shares a basic premise with the dog-pampering culture that keeps dog yoga instructors, canine cancer clinics and organic dog treat manufacturers in business: Dogs are important. They deserve our attention. As Millan put it, “Dogs are always going to fulfill our needs, but the question is: ‘Are we fulfilling their needs?’ “

Susan Wanmer, ‘dogini’, creator of the original Australian  practical  ‘Yoga with your Dog’,  respects the advice of dog behaviourists such as Cesar Millan, and respects the tradition of yoga.

Doga! Susan Wanmer Australian 'Dogini' and her Dogi Bijou

Doga! Susan Wanmer Australian ‘Dogini’ and her Dogi Bijou

As both a Yoga Leader, and Yoga Teacher Trainer, she takes her yoga seriously! Her well thought out, yet playful, Doga courses draw on her experience and respect of ancient yogic traditions as well as advice from those who understand animal behaviour.

Yoga with your Dogi (!) will teach you to be, in Millan’s words ‘calm-assertive’, to understand energy within yourself and the effect on others, as well as encouraging you, and your dog to move, wriggle, free up your joints and mobilise your spine within a safe range of movement. Susan says, “It is fine to be silly, and play with the dog, but Yoga with your Dog isn’t about humanising your pet, or making it do tricks – just like yoga isn’t about being a gymnast or a contortionist!”.

“If you would like to understand it better, I do run regular talks and workshops – but call me at the Studio, or e-mail me your questions”.  Level one is for everyone – no previous yoga necessary. This course will shortly be available online for you – and Susan is available for Pet-Friendly Yoga Retreats featuring Doga – or even Yoga just for Humans!

Contact Susan on (07) 33697404, 0410 570 441, or .

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