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This event finished on 31 July 2014

Yoga [Hot] Bootcamp!

  • Yoga to create winter warmth in a unique combo – all levels
  • You will increase your Fitness and Essential Winter Health!
  • You will become more Flexible – overall flexibility for you!
  • You will Strengthen and Tone!…You will Relax!

Wrong time of year for outdoor or gym solutions: running, weights, lots of effort? Yoga BootCamp has delivered results for over 7 years as a health, fitness and detoxification tool.  If you are interested in a total health, low-impact training technique that is created for you personally, contact me at Milton Yoga Studio.

Enlist now and start your day with a warm Yoga workout!

Susan Wanmer


2 Teams start from Monday 14 July to 31 July 5.45am-6.45am, or 7am-8am (contact us), 3 week duration. Up to 4 sessions per week.  You can attend as many as 12 group sessions + a 45 minute induction/goal setting session all for just $185. Group sign-on Sunday 13 July 5pm or call Susan.  Call now! 0410 570 441

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About Susan Yogini

Susan WANMER. Well-known and well-loved Australian Yogini. Susan not only trains Yoga Instructors and Yoga Teachers, but she runs Workshops and Retreats where you are immersed into the balmy sea of her Yoga! Milton Yoga Studio has been her base in Australia for the last 10 years, but check out her website for more of her extraordinary Yoga and Coaching.