Gentle Daytime Yoga

Gentle Daytime Yoga

Good news if you are looking for a gentle daytime Yoga class around the western suburbs, Brisbane. Centrally situated for easy access via the ICB, or from the inner city, across the bridge from West End, MiltonYoga Studio, Brisbane has a popular gentle daytime yoga class at 9.15 every Tuesday.

Are you one of these people who are looking for a daytime yoga class:  you like to wake up late, or you need daytime to fit in with the start or finish of your shift work, or you need time to drop the kids to school, perhaps a student, or maybe you have retired. For that reason Gentle Daytime Yoga has something for all of you in those categories!

Great public transport and easy parking on the streets around the Studio.

Gentle Daytime Yoga Milton Yoga Studio Brisbane suits all levels
Gentle Daytime Yoga Milton Yoga Studio Brisbane

Gayatri’s Gentle Daytime Yoga Class stills works your flexibility, stretch, helps strengthen your body, and gives you relaxation and breath work – but it is not a super hard class. Gentle daytime yoga suits those of you who are looking to begin yoga, those who want to get back into it, or those of you who might do other forms of exercise and want a way to create more energy through yoga.

Casuals are welcome, we simply ask that you pop yourself on the class list using the link below, or give Gayatri a call, or sms 04233 22035.

or email us on

Gentle Daytime Yoga Classes are held Tuesdays 9.15 am at Milton Yoga Studio Brisbane.

Studio One 47 Castlemaine St Milton Brisbane.

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