Graduation \”Best of BootCampers\”

Title: Graduation \”Best of BootCampers\”
Location: Milton Yoga Studio 1/47 Castlemaine St Milton, Brisbane
Link out: Click here
Description: If possible, calling all recruits to the final session. You signed-on, today, you sign-off to signify the end of the three-week commitment and journey. you will never have the same team, same poses, same season, ever be the same person ever again. Live in the moment and celebrate with us in spirit even if you can\’t make it. [Sarge]
Start Time: 6:00am
Date: 2009-12-17
End Time: 7:00am

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Susan WANMER. Well-known and well-loved Australian Yogini. Susan not only trains Yoga Instructors and Yoga Teachers, but she runs Workshops and Retreats where you are immersed into the balmy sea of her Yoga! Milton Yoga Studio has been her base in Australia for the last 10 years, but check out her website for more of her extraordinary Yoga and Coaching.

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