Powerful Team leaves the Yoga Studio

Yoga – who would believe that in just three weeks, with only a few sessions, the ‘recruits’ could leave feeling a definite sense of gain in their yoga, and much more powerful! Wonderful group – looking forward to seeing some of you again at  Arms and Legs Yoga BootCamp. You’ve been the Winter Warriors who have seen us through the coldest and darkest mornings and you’ve been rewarded for your commitment to your yoga mat, your self, and your team.

Conrats to all and especially the big graduations: Torch and Gia (5 Yoga BootCamps), Miss Feminity (20) and Blossom (15). Dissmisssed from your ever-loving Sarge here at Milton Yoga Studio.

bootcamps@miltonyogastudio.com.au  3369 744404, 0410 570 441 next start 23 August. Sign-on essential.

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