Prenatal Yoga with Kaya, Milton

Prenatal Yoga with Kaya once or twice weekly here at  Milton Yoga Studio, Brisbane

As featured in BubHub Australia site:

Prenatal Yoga – especially in your second and third trimester is a specialty in Yoga. It is important to exercise your body in a way that will give you most benefit on all levels. Physically supporting your ever-changing body, mentally focussing on yourself, your baby, and your connection, and emotionally meeting with other mums- to-be for support.

You can find all of that in the Prenatal Yoga Courses that run Wednesdays and Fridays hereat Milton Yoga Studio.

Prenatal Yoga Milton Brisbane
Prenatal Yoga Milton

Prenatal Yoga Class Times

Wednesdays 10.45 am

Fridays 1pm

Milton Yoga Studio  47 Castlemaine St Milton Brisbane  (right under the sign that says WorkLifeBalance)

W supply everything you need to support your prenatal yoga, mat, bolsters, blankets, cushions and a dedicated space where you have an hour and a half for you and your growing baby.

If you haven’t done yoga before, prenatal yoga is a great way to start. If you have done yoga, Kaya will make sure your body, and your pregnancy needs are met.

Bookings are essential.

Contact Kaya directly on 0451 984 003, or

or directly through the website here. Kaya offers a discount for you when you attend two classes weekly 🙂

5 thoughts on “Prenatal Yoga with Kaya, Milton

  1. What is the cost per class and do you have any special rates for more classes purchased?

  2. Hello Natasha
    Prenatal Yoga runs as a once-a-week, or twice-a week specialty class, so I will ask our expert instructor Kaya to answer you on this. If you want to contact her directly, her details are 0451 984 003, or email her on

    Thanks! Milton Yoga Studio Team

  3. Hi Kaya,

    Gemma and I enjoyed the class today, thanks again. We will be back next week. I will attend the next 3 Friday classes if possible (the 16th, 23rd and 30th), then go on my trip for 3 weeks and resume after that, purchasing an 8-week session block.

    Please let me know how to arrange payment for the next 3 weeks.


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