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If you are interested in a yoga class, or wanting to look after yourself by doing something for your body and, or your soul, and you think it is too late in the year to start, here is our recommendation – don’t wait!  Here at Milton Yoga Studio, we are progressionists. That means we follow a principle that anything is better than nothing. That means even a few yoga classes is better than no yoga class. A beginning is progress. We see it as making sure you are ahead of the game for next year, by starting now. People who wait can get caught up in preparation time in January, and before you know it, it is February – that is 3 months away.

Yoga Class Milton Yoga Studio Brisbane

So, don’t wait 3 months or you might put it off till after Easter! If you have kids at Milton State School, Petrie State School, or any of the many secondary schools on the roads around Milton – Spring Hill, Rosalie, Bardon etc, just drop the kids off and head down to Milton Yoga Studio on Castlemaine St.

As a special outing, why don’t you bring a friend and have a tea/coffee/ snack afterwards up at Paddington, or the new little coffee shop over at Suncorp Stadium. So, the first lesson in yoga whether you are a beginner or more experienced is to be a progressionist, not a perfectionist. Ring us if you want more info on yoga class  0423 322 035, or the Studio landline 3369 7404. Or email us on .  Allow a couple of minutes for parking, class starts at 9.15 am Tuesdays but we open the doors to our cool, relaxing yoga studio a few minutes before so you can unwind if you want to.

To pop yourself on our class list just click below or let us know by phone or email. See you Tuesday!

9.15 Yoga Class List

See you soon, Gayatri 🙂

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