Stress Management Consulting – Yoga

Stress Management Consulting – Yoga

Learn Stress Management Consulting/ Lifeskills Consulting/ Wellness Consulting… through our Yoga Teacher Training. 15 modules  – with the contact hours mostly run over weekends here at Milton Yoga Studio. The Yoga Teacher Training 350 hour level frames your learning in a way that you are seeing the thousands of possibilities of how the ancient art and science of yoga can help in the modern-day world. Intake is by application and interview only, as you need to be on your  personal journey towards increased wellness – this is an experiential learning, not a purely academic one.

Susan Wanmer Stress Management trainer with Paul Blackburn of Beyond Success. Train with Susan in Stress Management Consulting at her Milton Yoga Studio, Brisbane, Australia

Susan Wanmer Stress Management Consulting

Being on your path simply means you are heading in the direction of health. You don’t have to be a health nut! Nor do you need to be ‘good’ at yoga (this is one of the myths we will bust). In fact you don’t have to have done any yoga before applying for the program. No prior yoga simply means you are trained in good habits from the start – and you will have at least 12 months yoga behind you by the time you finish.

Contact Susan Wanmer through this site, or email her for a little more information if this speaks to your heart, your desire and your vision for your life – and helping others live their potential.




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