Wellness through Food

Sustainable 'FoodStyle' - not dieting
Sustainable ‘FoodStyle’ – not dieting

Book now for our last spots in the ‘Six Interactive Seminars for Healthy Eating/ Weight Loss’ Click on the flyer to your left a couple of times to enlarge it and see more details….

But basically, let’s demystify the healthy eating confusion. How do you decide which theory works best for you? Should you eat organic ? What about the fact that things sometimes just taste good.
A seriously overlooked fact in the ‘healthy eating’ debate is that whatever you eat has to digest, assimilate, be utilised, and eliminate. Weakness in any one of these areas will cause health and skin problems, weight gain (or wasting) and lead you towards chronic ill-health.
Here you have the opportunity to build your own personalised folder of information, whilst tracking what you eat and asking questions as you go to get personal feedback [no pun intended!].
The entire program is just $457 for over 12 hours of training all-inclusive.
Bring a friend for the crazy offer of just $20 extra!
3369 7404   or info@worklifebalance1.com  [WorkLifeBalance and Milton Yoga Studio are two arms of the same consultancy offering you everything in health and wellness.]

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