Location: Milton Yoga Studio 47 Castlemaine St Milton, Brisbane

For current information about the Original Yoga BootCamp, or Pilates BootCamp, go to this page:

This event below has finished and it was AWESOME!

Don’t miss out! Details for the group sign-on for next week:

Yoga BootCamp Program - Beginners to elite!
Yoga BootCamp Team starts next week!

Description: Early Morning Yoga Bootcamp is a yoga intensive that is personalised for the group.

Join the 7 am Team, or the 5.45 am Team.

An excellent, and safe way to start yoga, or to deepen your yoga practice.

Yoga BootCamps focus on stretch, core strength, breathing and stress relief through your yoga mindset.

You will learn particular poses for this Yoga BootCamp Theme in a safe group setting with limited numbers for maximum personalised attention.

Monday – to Thursday over 3 weeks. Do up to 13 sessions plus your range of movement/ induction session to start you off! Great value and really popular!
(07) 3369 7404 , 0410 570 441 or

  • Start Date: any day from Monday 13 February 2012. You can start as soon as you have done your ‘induction’ – run through, familiarisation, range of movement etc.
  • End Date: Bonus extra session – we disband this team on Friday 2 March!
  • The sooner you book in – the more sessions you can attend – don’t hesitate! Contact us by email:¬†or phone 3369 7404, 0410 570 441


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