Yoga Flow Class – Sun Salutations

Yoga Flow Class – Sun Salutations

One of the most popular ways of doing Yoga, is the Sun Salutation or, as we call it, Yoga Stretch Flow. The ‘flow’ comes about because you link every pose to the next, making it a dynamic class from start to relaxation at the end.

The second aspect of ‘flow’ is the mental aspect, where the mind gets into its optimal zone – for focus and for relaxation. This is the space of timelessness, where everything feels jut right – easeful. If you are new to yoga classes, this style suits anyone who has a basic level of mobility and fitness. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t flexible. Flexibility comes as you tone and strength in the weekly class.

The Sun Salutation is the sequence you see most often with the person stretching up towards the sun, stretching down to their feet, coming down onto the floor for an upward facing backbend, followed by a downward facing position on hands and feet. It then goes into various lunges, standing postures, twists and stretches. At the end, there is always a relaxation time to assimilate the energy you have created in the poses and calm the mind.

Every Thursday Karen starts at 5.45 pm with class finishing at 7 pm. If you are new to yoga, or need any modifications, she will adapt the basic sequence around you. Beautiful candlelit space, soft music, air-conditioning….what are you waiting for…

Class list is here online, or ams 0410 570 441. See you in a downward dog pose soon 🙂

Susan Wanmer Yoga class at Milton Yoga Studio

Yoga Stretch Flow Class

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Susan WANMER. Well-known and well-loved Australian Yogini. Susan not only trains Yoga Instructors and Yoga Teachers, but she runs Workshops and Retreats where you are immersed into the balmy sea of her Yoga! Milton Yoga Studio has been her base in Australia for the last 10 years, but check out her website for more of her extraordinary Yoga and Coaching.

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