Yoga Flow – Vinyasa Style at Milton Yoga Studio

Yoga Flow Class is in the Vinyasa tradition. What does that mean? Well, it means basically that the class flows from one pose to another with the first couple of sequences repeating a few times. This style is a popular workout as it can be adjusted to  create a stronger class for those who are familiar, and yet easy enough for those starting yoga as there is familiarity through repetition.

Yoga Flow Class warms us up Milton Yoga Studio

Yoga Flow Class by candlelight warms us up Milton Yoga Studio

This class has a beautiful atmosphere as Karen uses candles for the lighting – giving you a sense of being in your own space when you practice. Every Thursday at 5.45 pm, Milton Yoga Studio Brisbane. There are a couple of spots open for new attendees to this class. You are welcome to pay each time you come, or you might like to trial it with the 4 classs Intro Pass for just $65. To add yourself to the class list, simply click here: Thursday 5.45 pm Single class please To trial the 4 class offer, simply click here: Thursday 5.45 pm 4 Class Pass please! Questions about the class, or if it would suit you? Call the yoga instructor directly on 0420 512 827, otherwise, just add yourself online at the links above.See you in a yoga class soon!

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