Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners, Milton Yoga Studio, Brisbane
Tadasana – a common beginner’s pose in Yoga

Looking to begin yoga? Milton Yoga Studio’s regular classes can mostly accommodate beginners right up to intermediate level. Having said that, what is a level anyway? And what is a beginner? If you are available during the  day, Gayatri runs a yoga class which we call Gentle Yoga. We have students in that class who are young, fit and flexible, we have some who are on shift work and want yoga that is going to build energy, rather than deplete them, we have had students in their sixties and some who were pregnant.

Does that help you to see that you can begin this week – you don’t have to be any particular shape, or have fitness or flexibility.

Yoga for Beginners

If you are not available during the day, then we have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Your class would depend on when you are available, and whether the class has booked out or not. One of the questions we ask over the phone when people enquire, is “can you get up and down off the floor easily”. This might sound silly, but someone in their fifties or sixties who is an absolute beginner, but can sit on the floor readily, might find some aspects of the class easier than a younger person who has a knee problem and can’t get to the floor.

Yoga for Beginners – in true yoga, we are always a beginner!

Another question to ask is whether you are looking for a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class, or one that doesn’t necessarily follow a vinyasa (a sun salutation style). The Vinyasa Flow style by its very nature will be a little or –  depending on the group –  a lot harder than other classes simply because it is more continuous in flowing through the poses. If you are wanting to work your cardio, shape or tone specifically, then Yoga Vinyasa flow with Karen on Thursdays 5.45 pm would be the one to begin with.

The best thing if you are looking to begin yoga, or it has been awhile and you want to get back into it, is to just do a casual class with us. You can just come for a class to see how you go. Easy to pop yourself on the class list here and you can pay online or cash at the studio.

Contact us through the contact form here, or , sms 0410 570 441, or call 3369 7404

Click here for our Interactive timetable.

Milton Yoga Studio: 1/47 Castlemaine St, Milton Brisbane. Easy public transport, close to the city and on-street parking in the sidestreets.



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