Yoga for Relaxation Tuesdays 9.15 am Milton

Yoga for Relaxation Tuesdays 9.15 am Milton

As well as our regular evening Yoga classes, we receive so many enquiries for an open-level yoga class during the day, that we have added a regular Tuesday 9.15 am yoga class to the Milton Yoga Timetable.

Kat Richter, who is trained and experienced in yoga, shiatsuwith many other gifts, will take you through a yoga class for health and relaxation. Because Kat understands how energy works in the body, she uses yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques in way that will work your body physically, whilst promoting relaxation for muscles and mind.

Yoga for Relaxation Tuesdays Milton Yoga Studio Brisbane
Yoga for Relaxation Tuesdays 9.15 am

Yoga for Relaxation Instructor

Kat Richter welcomes you!

Tuesdays class is called ‘Yoga for Health’

9.15 am – 10.30 am each week

Milton Yoga Studio 47 Castlemaine St Brisbane (right under the sign that says WorkLifeBalance).

On-street parking in the streets around Milton Yoga Studio [Heussler Tce, Castlemaine St etc].

To book in for the class and start to feel how yoga promotes relaxation and greater health for yourself, contact us through the website, or phone 3369 7404, 0423322035, or

See you on the mat soon! 🙂

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