Yoga Spring BootCamp sign-on

Title: Yoga Spring BootCamp (even for Blokes) sign-on/ induction session

Yoga BootCamps - blokes love it!

Location: Milton Yoga Studio 1/47 Castlemaine St Milton
There is a Group sign-on this Friday 9th September at 5.30 pm at Milton Yoga Studio. Please call to ensure your spot before hand on 0410 570 441. Email us on

If that time doesn’t suit you, contact us for another time as all new recruits need to attend a sign-on session before starting, and we do everything possible to fit you in (depending whether there are still spots available).

Description: Yoga BootCamp from 12th September offers all guys a $35 discount this time around. If you are a guy, or know a guy who might benefit from some great yoga, phone us for your ‘induction’ session where we cover the bootcamp basics, range of movement, goals for the bootcamp in a group session so the group starts on an even footing – men and women alike.

For more info contact Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441, All ages, novices to yoga, any level will benefit from this Yoga BootCamp!
Start Date: from Monday 12-09- 2011
End Date: sign-on goes until spaces are sold out, or until the Program has started.

One thought on “Yoga Spring BootCamp sign-on

  1. Hi Susan, sorry can’t make this bootcamp either – too much ‘stuff’ going on. Next one is a must for me. Hope it all goes well and you get lots of blokes too! They won’t know what hit them 🙂 Cheers, Claron

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