Yoga Spring BootCamp signing-on now!

Yoga Spring BootCamp starts in just one week, and is signing on right now!

If you haven’t heard of Milton Yoga Studio’s Yoga BootCamps before, they are three week long, early morning programs 5.45 am – 6.45 am. You can attend a minimum of 5 –  and up to 12 sessions of yoga. Sessions are on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

To attend for the first time, everyone starts on the same foot as there is a group sign-on session which sets the scene for those new to Yoga- or new to Yoga BootCamps.

Yoga Spring Bootcamp Signing-on now at Milton Yoga Studio, Brisbane.
Yoga Spring Bootcamp Signing-on now!

The group sign-on dates scheduled are Wednesday 10th October at 6 pm, and Sunday 14th October at 5 pm. If you can’t make those dates, we will schedule another time for you as sign-on is your most important first session! [If you are attendign the 7 am – 8 am ‘Pilates with Soul’ Program instead – you attend the same sign-on sessions.]

0410 570 441, 3369 7404, or

Limited spaces left, and limited sign-on session left for newbies!

Book your spot online here:

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Susan WANMER. Well-known and well-loved Australian Yogini. Susan not only trains Yoga Instructors and Yoga Teachers, but she runs Workshops and Retreats where you are immersed into the balmy sea of her Yoga! Milton Yoga Studio has been her base in Australia for the last 10 years, but check out her website for more of her extraordinary Yoga and Coaching.

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