Yoga Workshop for Health and VITALITY!

Yoga Workshop for Health and VITALITY!

I am constantly asked “How do I build better health, and create more VITALITY?”. Part of the reason why that is a popular question, is that people are told the YOGA can help them become healthier, and to have more energy. The other reason, I think, is that people calculate the energy they have to do what they need to do in a day, and want to feel healthier, fresher, and to have more strength/ power/ energy/ vitality, to do what they need to do, and to have some energy left over.

Yoga for Health Workshop open to all, this Saturday.

Yoga for Health and Vitality

So, I have created a Yoga Worklshop where I go through the Eight Essential Keys with you to Build Health and Create More Vitality. AND – the workshop is on this Saturday 17 November. Open to all, ‘ability’ or prior knowledge of yoga is not a pre-requisite. I am opening this up to anyone interested in creating better health, and more vitality.


Reserve your spot at Saturday’s Workshop: CLICK HERE

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