Mens FLEXIBILITY Workout/ Workshop – just for guys!


Premium event for MEN who are interested in their strength, FLEXIBILITY, power and health.

Annual Mens Workshop - Blokes Do Yoga!

Annual Mens Workshop – Blokes Do Yoga!

[Too good to miss – I am bonussing men to share this event with male friends second person attends for just $1].

MEN’S FLEXIBILITY Workout/ Workshop suits weekend warriors, serious sportsmen, or those who are not interested in sport, but want… to feel mobile, pain-free in their joints: hips, shoulders and legs.

A once-a-year event where we get serious. Specifically using the secrets of yoga stretch, No previous yoga required to attend as this is the physical and technical side of yoga so that you can understand what the heck happens to make Yoga so good for so many reasons. This is way beyond gym stretches – launch into what good yoga can offer you.

Combined with the physical side of Yoga (for those who have no prior yoga), is stress management and breath work. All three aspects are inbuilt to the physical side of yoga for you.

$85 for 2 hours of highly personalised group training in a Professional Studio.

BONUS! Bring a mate for just One symbolic dollar – $1
Susan Wanmer has worked with Olympic athletes, professional rugby teams, corporate executives, tradespeople, weekend warriors, injured blokes, bodybuilders….and more for over 20 years with great results.

To book your spot, or enquire , contact Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441 [Brisbane]

Milton Yoga Studio has easy on-street parking today.

Studio is in ‘WorkLifeBalance’
1/ 47 Castlemaine St
Milton, Brisbane [Right opposite Gate F of Suncorp Stadium]

Enquiries or bookings to Susan on 0410 570 441, or email

Don’t miss this once a year event! Book your spot! 0410 570 441

Yoga [cardio] BootCamp

June BootCamps theme is the heart. Why? Well, it’s my birthday, so why not!  I am focussing on the heart in all its ways. I am bringing consciousness to the centre of your being through your heart – your physical heart and cardio-vascular system, heartrate, relaxing tension around the heart. June Yoga BootCamps are therefore about the heart – cardio work within yoga, warmth from the yoga poses, and hearty and heartfelt stretching sessions daily plus heartful breathing techniques for Autumn health.

Early morning Yoga BootCamps are at 5.45 am, or 7 am each daily session runs for one hour. They start straight after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend and run from Tuesday 10th – Thursday 26 June. Sessions run Mon – Thurs for three weeks [except that first day]. Continue reading

Annual Mens Yoga Workshop

The Annual Mens Yoga Workshop is Back!

One of the most popular workshops all year, nothing equals getting a group of guys together. This is open to any BLOKE – whether he has done yoga before, or not. If you are a guy thinking about YOGA – any age, any stage, Mens Workshop would be a great starting point for you. Continue reading

Yoga Stretch Programs start Monday!

I am thrilled to bring a popular request into the Studio. Many times I am asked about Stretching, how to do stretches for different areas – legs, hips, shoulders.

Starting Monday 7th April, I am running two early morning Yoga Stretch sessions. This is a once-a-event in the break between Yoga BootCamps.

Susan Wanmer Yoga class at Milton Yoga Studio

Yoga Stretch Programs for all levels

 Join me 4 mornings a week for these two weeks.

Continue reading