Absolute Beginners Yoga

Absolute Beginners Yoga

If you think you are too busy, too inexperienced, too old, too unfit, too inflexible, too __________ [add your own reason here!] to do YOGA…..you’re not!

Absolute Beginners love Milton Yoga Studio classes!

Attending a Yoga Studio where there are bolsters, blankets and straps, means that there are easy ways to support your body doing yoga poses. These yoga accessories are called ‘props’ and not all studios have them. We do!

Two areas where beginners begome quickly reassured, is in the standing poses, and the seated poses. Most people are ok standing, and the yoga poses are subtle ways to build core strength and power through the body and legs. ‘Absolute Beginners’ become adapted to a general class in just a few short weeks, learning to use props for support.

Seated poses are more restful for the body and this is usually where you bring in yoga breathing, meditation, and helath-giving gentle twists. If sitting is difficult for your knee – you just keep that leg straight. If your ankles bother you, prop yourself up against a wall. If you can’t sit cross-legged because your hips are tight, or it is really hard, we have yoga chairs you can sit on and bolsters to pop under you. See? Easy! No difficulties that we can’t work with.

 Absolute Beginners Yoga

Beginner’s Yoga is hard to define as we dont know how old you are, your weight, if you have done any type of exercise before. From our side a beginner could be aged 18 – 70, weigh 48 kgs – 120 kgs….so contact us if you aren’t sure, of just book in for a class and see how wonderful you feel afterwards.

Gayatri’s 9.15 am Tuesdays yoga class comes highly recommended if you are available during the day. Plenty of parking, quiet, and it’s a gentle class that will work you strongly but in a subtle way.

Contact her directly on 0423 322 035, or the Milton Yoga Studio Brisbane 3369 7404, or click here to add yourself directly to the yoga class list – and to see evening classes for beginners as well.


Yoga Flow warms us up!

Yoga Flow warms us up!

Yoga Flow class is perfect for the 5.45 pm timeslot on Thursdays. Cosy group in a self-regulating flow-style class with Karen. If you are beginning yoga, for most people, you do what you can as you learn, and make progress each week. Once you come regularly and become more familiar with the yoga flow poses, you will get even more from your class.

Yoga Flow Class warms us up Milton Yoga Studio
Yoga Flow Class by candlelight warms us up Milton Yoga Studio

  To see more of the timetable, or to put yourself on the Yoga Group Class List, simply click here:

or contact us by email, contact form, or calling/ sms to 0410 570 441.
Yoga Flow warms you up physically – but it will warm your heart as well!
Milton Yoga Studio interactive timetable:



Location: Milton Yoga Studio 47 Castlemaine St Milton, Brisbane

For current information about the Original Yoga BootCamp, or Pilates BootCamp, go to this page:


This event below has finished and it was AWESOME!

Don’t miss out! Details for the group sign-on for next week: http://miltonyogastudio.com.au/2012/02/sign-on-for-yoga-bootcamp/

Yoga BootCamp Program - Beginners to elite!
Yoga BootCamp Team starts next week!

Description: Early Morning Yoga Bootcamp is a yoga intensive that is personalised for the group.

Join the 7 am Team, or the 5.45 am Team.

An excellent, and safe way to start yoga, or to deepen your yoga practice.

Yoga BootCamps focus on stretch, core strength, breathing and stress relief through your yoga mindset.

You will learn particular poses for this Yoga BootCamp Theme in a safe group setting with limited numbers for maximum personalised attention.

Monday – to Thursday over 3 weeks. Do up to 13 sessions plus your range of movement/ induction session to start you off! Great value and really popular!
(07) 3369 7404 , 0410 570 441 or bootcamps@miltonyogastudio.com.au

  • Start Date: any day from Monday 13 February 2012. You can start as soon as you have done your ‘induction’ – run through, familiarisation, range of movement etc.
  • End Date: Bonus extra session – we disband this team on Friday 2 March!
  • The sooner you book in – the more sessions you can attend – don’t hesitate! Contact us by email: bootcamps@miltonyogastudio.com.au or phone 3369 7404, 0410 570 441




Location: MILTON YOGA STUDIO 47 Castlemaine St Milton, Brisbane

Description: Yoga BootCamps for all levels run from 13 February till 3 March at two timeslots: 7 am – 8 am, and 5.45 am – 6.45 am.
Past recruits say they have made fabulous gains in Yoga BootCamps and part of that is due to the sign-on process. Times available this week for your range of movement check and quick runthrough to familiarise you with the yoga poses and the setup so everyone starts equal. Sign-on this week – don’t miss out contact us.

Signing on for Yoga BootCamps Milton Yoga Studio, Brisbane
Signing on for Yoga BootCamps Milton Yoga Studio, Brisbane – all levels

Contact to make a time or ask more about it – 3369 7404, 0410 570 441 bootcamps@miltonyogastudio.com.au

DON’T MISS OUT! Suits Men and women – all levels even beginners.

PS Yoga BootCamps are really popular with blokes due to the down-to-earth nature of the Yoga content.


Yoga BootCamps: NEW Morning times!

Yoga BootCamps: NEW Morning times!

Starting fromMonday 17 October, our sellout Yoga BootCamp program runs at 5.45 am, and the two new times of 7 am, and 9.30 am.

Yoga BootCamp includes outdoor sessions!

YOGA BootCamp runs for three weeks

YOGA bootcamps are a body mind training!

Yoga is used in a way to build strength and toning inyour body, stretch and some gentle cardio

Every recruit has a personal focus and small groups ensure your focus is part of the specialised yoga

You may attend up to 12 sessions over thre weeks, but you can attend just two a week if that suits you better

We have rave reviews from ‘recruits’ saying they can’t believe how much they have gained in such a short time – transformational

All levels – even newbies to yoga are welcome

You need to contact us to see whether there is still a space as we have just one week left. That means if you have any questions -hop on the phone, or send us a comment/ question below, or by email!

Phone Milton Yoga Studio 3369 7404, 0410 570 441 or bootcamps@miltonyogastudio.com.au

Don’t delay – it is the perfect time of year for this Yoga Bootcamp including some delicious outdoor seesions. Alll equipment provided.

  Group ‘sign–on’ for all new recruits Thursday 13 October at 6pm.