Mens FLEXIBILITY Workout/ Workshop – just for guys!


Premium event for MEN who are interested in their strength, FLEXIBILITY, power and health.

Annual Mens Workshop - Blokes Do Yoga!

Annual Mens Workshop – Blokes Do Yoga!

[Too good to miss – I am bonussing men to share this event with male friends second person attends for just $1].

MEN’S FLEXIBILITY Workout/ Workshop suits weekend warriors, serious sportsmen, or those who are not interested in sport, but want… to feel mobile, pain-free in their joints: hips, shoulders and legs.

A once-a-year event where we get serious. Specifically using the secrets of yoga stretch, No previous yoga required to attend as this is the physical and technical side of yoga so that you can understand what the heck happens to make Yoga so good for so many reasons. This is way beyond gym stretches – launch into what good yoga can offer you.

Combined with the physical side of Yoga (for those who have no prior yoga), is stress management and breath work. All three aspects are inbuilt to the physical side of yoga for you.

$85 for 2 hours of highly personalised group training in a Professional Studio.

BONUS! Bring a mate for just One symbolic dollar – $1
Susan Wanmer has worked with Olympic athletes, professional rugby teams, corporate executives, tradespeople, weekend warriors, injured blokes, bodybuilders….and more for over 20 years with great results.

To book your spot, or enquire , contact Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441 [Brisbane]

Milton Yoga Studio has easy on-street parking today.

Studio is in ‘WorkLifeBalance’
1/ 47 Castlemaine St
Milton, Brisbane [Right opposite Gate F of Suncorp Stadium]

Enquiries or bookings to Susan on 0410 570 441, or email

Don’t miss this once a year event! Book your spot! 0410 570 441

Yoga Stretch Camp – booking now!

Love yoga? Want to Stretch?

We are offering a one week early morning ‘Stretch Camp’ suitable for almost everyone. There are only 4 spots left till booked out. Yoga STRETCH Camp starts Monday!

Yoga Stretch Camp is a series of yoga poses combined with relaxation at the end that will help you locate your muscles and give you the time to feel what is happening in the pose. The focus will be on the stretch component, so the poses will be easy, not requiring strength, ability or technique so you can get maximum benefit.

6am till 7.15 daily for one week Monday 14 – Friday 18th November. Light snack breakie included after each session.

Yoga 'Stretch' Camp starts Monday!

Yoga 'Stretch' Camp starts Monday!


All bookings and enquiries to Susan 3369 7404, 0410 570 441

find us on facebook “MILTON YOGA STUDIO”

Yoga Mini BootCamp (6 – 7 am)

Title: Yoga Mini BootCamp (6 – 7 am)
Location: Milton Yoga Studio
Description: Yoga Mini BootCamp. What a great way to start your yoga year! Join like-minded enthusiasts of all levels as we explore the poses to build strength, stamina, flexibility and vision for the year ahead. Numbers limited. Nine sessions offered – attend 5 to gain max benefit, but bookings close Sunday. If you miss out, contact us to mind a space for the next BootCamp (07) 3369 7404.
Start Date: 2011-01-10
Start Time: 05:58
End Date: 2011-01-14
End Time: 07:00

Mini Yoga BootCamp on Sale!

Yoga – Winter sale is on!  A Mini Yoga-BootCamp for a taste test.  See how Yoga BootCamp gets such great results with a 1 hour sign-on session (value $98) and 1 week of BootCamp sessions for just $130 all inclusive. Bonus – book in earlier and attend extra sessions from Monday 30 August at no extra charge.

Get in early to purchase your spot as Yoga Bootcamps are really popular, and there are only 5 spots left for this Mini-BootCamp.  We are offering you the 4-8 sessions over 2 weeks PLUS your individual session for just $130. There are only a limited number of sign-on sessions available if you are a new recruit. Beginners are welcome – that is the purpose of your essential signon sessions. Call us! 3369 7404, 0410 570 441. or

You can pay directly online by clicking here:

Powerful Team leaves the Yoga Studio

Yoga – who would believe that in just three weeks, with only a few sessions, the ‘recruits’ could leave feeling a definite sense of gain in their yoga, and much more powerful! Wonderful group – looking forward to seeing some of you again at  Arms and Legs Yoga BootCamp. You’ve been the Winter Warriors who have seen us through the coldest and darkest mornings and you’ve been rewarded for your commitment to your yoga mat, your self, and your team.

Conrats to all and especially the big graduations: Torch and Gia (5 Yoga BootCamps), Miss Feminity (20) and Blossom (15). Dissmisssed from your ever-loving Sarge here at Milton Yoga Studio.  3369 744404, 0410 570 441 next start 23 August. Sign-on essential.