New! Yoga Course – Yoga and Meditations

NEW! Yoga Course – Yoga and Meditations helps you learn and master the basics of Yoga asana plus breathing and meditations over 4 weeks of specialised classes.

Thurdays 7.25 pm is designed for beginners to Yoga, refreshers anyone who wants to use Yoga for Stress Management, calm, relaxation and to integrate physical yoga poses into their wellbeing lifestyle. The course will take you through the essentials of Yoga, including breathing techniques and a different guided meditation each week.

My expertise is that I personalise the poses and techniques to your body. Your age and ability don’t matter, just that you are interested in learning how to do Yoga for relaxation and stress management and to get the most benefit from your Yoga for your one precious life!

Easy purchase through the online shop here.

Standard Course price if for 1 evening per week – attend 2 Course topics per week for a discounted pass.

All enquiries to your Yoga Teacher, Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441

Mini Yoga BootCamp on Sale!

Yoga – Winter sale is on!  A Mini Yoga-BootCamp for a taste test.  See how Yoga BootCamp gets such great results with a 1 hour sign-on session (value $98) and 1 week of BootCamp sessions for just $130 all inclusive. Bonus – book in earlier and attend extra sessions from Monday 30 August at no extra charge.

Get in early to purchase your spot as Yoga Bootcamps are really popular, and there are only 5 spots left for this Mini-BootCamp.  We are offering you the 4-8 sessions over 2 weeks PLUS your individual session for just $130. There are only a limited number of sign-on sessions available if you are a new recruit. Beginners are welcome – that is the purpose of your essential signon sessions. Call us! 3369 7404, 0410 570 441. or

You can pay directly online by clicking here:

Yoga Flexibility Program [BootCamp]

Welcome to all recruits signed-on for the new Flexibility Program. Looking forward to welcoming you at 0600 hours on Monday 6 July.

You are a really interesting, high-spirited and diverse group and I can see that you are going to test Sargeant BootCamp in her ability to keep it intesting for you.

In case you want to know each others codenames they are as follows:

[why take on a codename? 1. We often lose our sense of play in adulthood. The ability to play, imagine and be a bit silly is vitally important to health – physically and mentally.

2. You are invited to leave your habits, your history and all your baggage at the front door as you enter. We tempt you to step into a world of possibilities – fresh new start every day. Make the hour-long session a dedication to yourself. You have each chosen a codename that sums up your personal goals, or that is motivational to you….live that each time you attend.

Rollcall!   Pillow,  Soltar,  MiMi,  Ula Saba,  Dancing Diva,  General Flexibility,  Light, Grace, Progress, Rejuvenation, Action, Feline, MoMo (not to be confused with Mi Mi!), Inner Peace.

You are unique ………..and there will be other Yoga BootCamps………..but there will never be another Yoga Flexibility BootCamp with these recruits at this time. Liife is like that. ……a profound thought if you choose to reflect on it!

Over and Out, your ever devoted Sargeant BootCamp.

Day 11: Limbering sequence

The recruits started in complete darkness, lights out, with a guided meditation/ visualisation to set the pace. One prorgressively learns with meditations, to calm the mind quickly and effectively. From the outside, Sarge cannot assume that the recruits are in a delicious space of breath, relaxation and connectedness, just because a 10 minute meditation has been spoken…

…but…. assuming the recruits did capture that sense, the gong symbolised the alarm clock, and the task was to ground, centre, relax, connect to heart and breathe before moving. This creates space in the mind, space in the day, relaxation in the nerves, a more flexible body. How often does your alarm ring, and you  ‘kickstart the heart’? Even before you get out of bed, how many of you let the mind rush on ahead in to your day, running rampant and trampling any aspect of connectedness with your self? Harnessing the getaway ‘horse’ of the mind conserves your valuable energy and changes your entire physiology.

Recruits were then encouraged to move and stretch intuitively according to how their body felt. Some earthworm moves warmed up the spine. [Ask us about the Byron Bay Intensive in August, where we will cover basic movement patterns like these and the benefits emotionally as well as physically].

Sarge sincerely hopes that all recruits left this morning feeling the energy and vitality within, a sense of accomplishment with themselves as they followed the flowing, connected pace of this morning’s vinyassa. Perhaps an awareness of the ‘buzz’ of energy – not adrenaline.  This vinyassa was the endproduct of nearly 3 weeks of mindbody training to be present enough and connected enough to listen, flow and follow from a deeper sense of body. Sarge  has listed below the yamas and niyamas we have been embodying, that gave you the framework for this morning’s session. These yamas and niyamas, by the way, are the the guiding principles for the entire Yoga Bootcamp. If you ever feel headbutted over your actions towards yourself, your discipline or perhaps even the etiquette of being mindful of personal belongings, look to your yamas and niyamas for the reason. It will always be there!

From this morning, apart from feeling gloriously ‘stretched’, recruits were reminded of:

Ahimsa:  non-violent attitude to self in postures, physically or mentally.

Santosa: acceptance of self and postures

Aparigraha: non-covetousness of others’ ability – some worked legs bent, others legs straight for example.

Satya: being truthful with the reality of your body’s flexibility, and working from there.

Asteya: letting go of the greed of wanting more from your body than it can give, or the greed of wanting more information.

Tapas: no laziness. For every aspect of you that Sarge challenges, there is another aspect underneath that is not carrying its weight. In tempering the part of you that has too much tapas, you will grow, release and strengthen the ‘lazy’ aspects. Sometines physical, sometimes emotional – in the end it’s all the same!

Go in to your day with JOY. Dissmmisssed.