Human anatomy seminar weekends for yoga, pilates, YOU!

Wondering what would you gain by attending one, or both weekends interactive seminars where you can observe or participate in the interactive learning? Click the link below for the attached table of easy points. Contact us for more info or to book in through our secure pay online page through the facebook link or on this site.

TABLE of benefits for you: Anatomy Weekends Nov – What you will gain    

Simon Borg-Olivier demonstrates anatomically safe YOGA

Simon Borg-Olivier demonstrates anatomically safe YOGA in this short video. Accessible to all levels, Simon welcomes all interested people into his ‘Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga” Immersion course which runs for two weekends 12 – 14 November and 19 – 21 November 2010. If you can’t attend both, come to either weekend- they are separate sessions which complement, but not essential if you can’t do both.

Enquiries Susan (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441


Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology Brisbane Immersion

Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology Brisbane

Bookings are now open for this unique event here in Brisbane.                       Simon Borg Olivier will immerse you in his knowledge of the body from head to toe and everything in between. We have been working to improve this event even more since last year.

This year will include 4 hours of bonus sessions where we devote the time to answering specific queries you have about yoga, or your yoga teaching. Contact us now for your spot – starts 12 November.

Australia 61 (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441. You can email Susan Wanmer for enquiries and bookings on

or catch him on facebook

Simon Borg-Olivier discount extended!

Due to my lack of computer skills and the number of enquiries for Simon Borg Olivier’s Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga Course, I have had to extend the special offer. Save even more: Due to a technical meltdown, I need to extend the earlybird offer another few days. Those who book and pay by midnight 31 October. Pay only $799. These tickets finish 31 October, or if sold out before that. (07) 3369 7404, This will give me the chance to answer all enquiries when I return from the Womens Retreat this weekend and give people time to pay. If you interested, email or phone me to register your interest, so that you don’t miss out!  (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441

Simon Borg-Olivier Nov Immersion Teachers, Students.doc

Cost: $857 Full Course, or $457 for  either Weekend A or Weekend B.

Repeaters/ Refreshers: Those who have already attended a 36 hour A & P with Simon receive a 50% discount. Members of YogaSynergy receive a 10% discount. 

0410 570 441. .

Earlybird Simon Borg-Olivier Seminars

Milton Yoga Studio welcomes your bookings  for the Applied Anatomy and Physiology Seminars for yoga and exercise with Simon Borg-Olivier from Yoga Synergy [Sydney]. We are hosting the weekends at The Old Museum Building in Bowen Hills/ Fortitude Valley, where the Brisbane Yoga Fest happened in June this year.   A & P seminars will be held here now

A Beautiful and spacious venue, you will have comfort and good visibility of Simon. We would love you to tell your classes, friends, and anyone you know. Don’t be selfish and hold the good news to yourself, email this post and bring people along. They will thank you for letting them in on this seminar info! Call me with any questions won’t you? Susan Wanmer, Milton Yoga Studio,

(07)3369 7404. One weekend $457. Both weekends $857. or


Friday evening mini-seminars 6-9 pm $87 each. [These are included when you attend the full weekend, or you can attend the Friday evening  event by itself].

Total of 36 hours professional development for both weekends. Certificates of attendance included. ,

(07) 3369 7404,   0410 570 441