Yoga BootCamp Goes HOT!

Inviting all Winter Warriors to the upcoming Yoga BootCamp Program 14 – 31 July 2014. Whilst it is not ‘hot yoga’, the room will be warmed and you will work in a way that warms your body from the inside out.

Using Yoga to increase your body’s heat and metabolism, is a sure-fire way to stay  well ver this cold month, and over Winter.  Two Teams for this Intensive that caters for any level of yoga [think Group Personal Training].  contact susan for Your spot at 5.45 am, or 7 am 0410 570 441S

Yoga BootCamps – signing on now!

Yoga [cardio] BootCamp

June BootCamps theme is the heart. Why? Well, it’s my birthday, so why not!  I am focussing on the heart in all its ways. I am bringing consciousness to the centre of your being through your heart – your physical heart and cardio-vascular system, heartrate, relaxing tension around the heart. June Yoga BootCamps are therefore about the heart – cardio work within yoga, warmth from the yoga poses, and hearty and heartfelt stretching sessions daily plus heartful breathing techniques for Autumn health.

Early morning Yoga BootCamps are at 5.45 am, or 7 am each daily session runs for one hour. They start straight after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend and run from Tuesday 10th – Thursday 26 June. Sessions run Mon – Thurs for three weeks [except that first day]. Continue reading

Yoga Spring BootCamp signing-on now!

Yoga Spring BootCamp starts in just one week, and is signing on right now!

If you haven’t heard of Milton Yoga Studio’s Yoga BootCamps before, they are three week long, early morning programs 5.45 am – 6.45 am. You can attend a minimum of 5 –  and up to 12 sessions of yoga. Sessions are on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

To attend for the first time, everyone starts on the same foot as there is a group sign-on session which sets the scene for those new to Yoga- or new to Yoga BootCamps.

Yoga Spring Bootcamp Signing-on now at Milton Yoga Studio, Brisbane.
Yoga Spring Bootcamp Signing-on now!

The group sign-on dates scheduled are Wednesday 10th October at 6 pm, and Sunday 14th October at 5 pm. If you can’t make those dates, we will schedule another time for you as sign-on is your most important first session! [If you are attendign the 7 am – 8 am ‘Pilates with Soul’ Program instead – you attend the same sign-on sessions.]

0410 570 441, 3369 7404, or

Limited spaces left, and limited sign-on session left for newbies!

Book your spot online here:

Yoga Boot Camp – Day 4

“Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the stairs, we must step up the stairs” – Vaclav Havel

Not many people know this, but my vision for the future involves running a cottage style B&B that incorporates yoga, nutritious food from my own organic garden and speakers on a range of topics from yoga, diet, art, the ego vs the self (Eastern wisdom explained in a Western way), people management skills, relationships and so on. It is to be a place where people come to be nurtured: something that so many of us don’t have time for in our busy lives.

Over the last year, I have met some incredible people: almost all of them feed into this vision. I met Sarg, who’s style and philosophy struck a chord with me and I started yoga teacher training with her. I met an art guru, who believes in creating the possibility of anything and made me believe that I could in fact be a yoga teacher. I met a yoga teacher/psychologist who does brilliant talks on the ego and has run retreats: I occasionally help him out with the retreats and so I learn from him. I a raw food enthusiast, which has sparked a passion in me for it. I then the owner of Roar Food. I met a builder, who’s brain I am going to pick about building the cottages. And of course, I already knew my ‘go-to’ person for those times when I want to talk about human nature and dealing with different personality types.

On top of this, my relationships have blossomed and I feel comfortable talking with anyone about anything related to relating. And my husband and I have started managing units, which will give us the practical insight into managing accommodation. We work as the most awesome team; I just need to work some motorbike related activity into the retreat for him and it will be heaven!

Yoga Boot Camp – Day 3

Reflection is looking in so you can look out with a broader, bigger, and more accurate perspective.’

– Mick Ukleja and Robert Lorber

This morning’s class had a bit of a different spin on it. As we sat waiting for Sarge to gong the bowl, signalling the start of a few minutes of silent meditation, I think we well all surprised to see her dragging a rather large skeleton into the studio. Actually, that’s a lie; almost nothing Sarge does surprises us. We are, after all, taught to learn to live with mystery!

The skeleton prompted a meditation focusing on our spine; the ‘bowl’ of our hips, the space between our vertebrae, the curve of our back… We were asked to get a vision and sense of our spine as it moved through the poses today.

Quite often I think we take the inside of our bodies for granted. I was lucky enough to be led through a similar mediation with Susan in a recent teacher training weekend (try calling her ‘Susan’ after a few weeks of bootcamp and try not to answer ‘yes, Sarge!’ to every question – that requires some mindfulness!). At the time (and again today) I was filled was an immense sense of gratitude for my bones. It’s an amazingly different perspective to have of your body. We place so much emphasis on our external appearance sometimes. I love how yoga teaches me to look in.