Detox Bootcamp has Graduated!

It was rumoured that Sgt Bootcamp had a tear in her steely eye today at the Yoga Bootcamp Graduation. Just like the recruits, she sets her own personal yoga goals that she wishes to facilitate for the group. The program is then written from those goals. In the feedback session today, many of the recruits commented that they had “comprehended the concept of naulis for the first time, felt stronger through the core, had identified muscles previously unknown, were blown away by the breathing techniques and the powerful effect on the body.”

Through her love and appreciation of yoga, and the mind and body, this is exactly what SGT wanted to pass on. Thank you to all DETOX GRADUANTS for allowing her to take you on this amazing journey.  Some of you are joining Sgt (as Susan!) this weekend at the Yoga Beach Retreat for a ‘core’ and codename free weekend of yoga, relaxation,  and grazing on lavish health breakfasts.

 Dissmissed!! Next Yoga Bootcamp starts Monday 12 May. Only the detoxers know the theme so far. To be revealed when we return from retreat.

SGT Bootcamp.

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