Day 1: Stretch Bootcamp

OK. Let’s get down to business. Sergeant Bootcamp signing on. This morning I welcomed 11 new recruits in to what is going to be the best Yoga Bootcamp so far. We need to lay some really important principles of strength and support down, if we are going to stretch these bodies. This morning we got about half way through the intended program as some recuits were not connecting to their bodies with the instructions, and some were a little ‘bleary-eyed’ from the weekend [whatever that means! Sarge doesn’t understand these euphemisms – do they mean from Mother’s Day?!]

So, we have checked standing forward bend, a couple of standing postures, and shoulder mobility, and laid down a couple of the yamas and niyamas that guide us. A welcome to Petal, Spirit, Flexibility, Sierra, Epaulette, Dolphin, Toe-Toucher, Strength, Clarity, Focus and Express.

Following Yoga Bootcamp this morning, Sarge confirmed three significant yoga events here in Brisbane for all to attend.

1.   Sunday 25 May ‘New Leash on Life’ program where yours truly will demonstrate the benefits of Dog Yoga, and meditation with your Zen Dogi [dog] out at Forest Lake. Brisbane City Council has invited me, and my two DOGIS to demonstrate – and you can attend for free.

2. Simon Borg-Olivier is holding an Interactive Anatomy and Physiology Workshop over 2 weekends in late November 2008. Never held before in Brisbane, this event is for Yoga students, Yoga Teachers, and everyone who is serious about their yoga and their body/ health/ fitness.

3. Do not miss Phillip C. Gordon presenting the life-changing 7 principles of Personal Transformation. A One-day Workshop – Phillip’s unique ‘alchemic’ approach grounded in a rich Western lineage underpins all our work on yoga, meditation, personal growth, tantra, relationships. More info about his workshop soon, but note this date: Saturday 12 July 2008. Experience Phillip’s challenging presentation right here in the Studio!  Like to know more? Phone (07) 3369 7404, .

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