Day 7: Be Sergeant Bootcamp for 5 minutes!

Recruits divided in to 2 teams this morning naming themselves Team Torture and Team Jellybeans. Each were given 5 minutes to choose a piece of equipment and work out a pose to teach the opposing team. Epaulette manned the gong and gave penalties for lack of awareness, lack of focus, disregard for safety and just because she felt like it!

Epaulette has earned her stripes at 5 Yoga Bootcamps, by leaving her leadership and strong, willful mind at the door when she enters (yes, readers, sometimes leaving one’s mind at the door is a good thing!). She is embracing the concept of staying connected – mind to body and breath. Also, she has gained an awareness of staying in the pose in present time, rather than thinking ahead. Epaulette is learning to balance strong work without complaining, yet not overworking the vulnerable parts of her body.  (Put that on your cv, Ep!)

Aptly named Team Jellybeans couldn’t hold back their enthusiasm and before the teams even started Epaulette penalised them. The reason for the ‘penalty’ was the bootcamp principle of command: ‘follow the last instruction until a new one is given’. When Epaulette and Sgt re-entered the studio, not only had the 2 teams merged, but had started the postures. In a case of art imitating life, Epaulette (nursing background), put the teams on blanket-folding duty.

Team Jellybeans won both for fast folding (they dived in without getting instructions), and for correct folding (edges lined up so that shoulder stands are done on equal blanket edges).

Finally, the poses! Team Torture (aptly named) lost a recruit to the ropes wall.  Dolphin hung in inverted Tadasana penalised for creating a posture not suitable to the entire group. But thank you Dolphin for the hilarity and your good-humoured spirit. Flexibility is about mind and body – and sometimes turning  ones self and ones beliefs about self upside-down for new perspectives creates that flexibilty.  And yes Dolphin, Yoga Bootcamp is often about temperament and groups/ teams work!  

Sgt Bootcamp had intended doing this team challenge yesterday, but with the cold snap, decided to hold off. These are the goals she set up to be covered in the team session. For the recruits who attended, reflect back on the session and see if you can recognise an opportunity you had to tick off each of these goals this morning through your activity. Great laughter, great workout. Dissmissssed!

  • self as individual
  • self as part of group
  • ability to follow
  • ability to lead
  • finding order within chaos
  • finding calm within chaos
  • flexibility to push the boundaries of own comfort zone
  • ability to play – even to be ‘silly’
  • ability to self-calm – from hilarity to relaxation

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