Day 8: Ramping it up!

This morning the team started to pull together and work more deeply and in a more focussed way in to the poses. As soon as Sgt sees that there is a certain level of respect for the body, and that the yamas and niyamas are being observed so that no-one is overworking, being violent to their body, or willfully ‘forecing the stretch’ to the detriment of another part of the body, we will move more quickly through an entire body sequence stretching you from tongue to toe. The potential has been there since Day 2 to do that recruits – Sgt just needs to see you as an individual working in a balanced way, in present time, mindful of yourself and mindful of others. Perhaps Monday – it will depend on how the team responds in those first 10 minutes!

We are definitely making progress in heading to that goal. A much more playful, yet discliplined team this morning following yesterdays team activities. I saw Dolphin skip across the room – fabulous! I want to see more of that energy and more playfullness from the rest of you as well – that is the spirit of Yoga Bootcamp.  Sgt.

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