Detox focus: Lymph glands

There are times when it is appropriate to ‘harden’, and times when it is appropriate to ‘soften’. Arms and legs were mobillised in dynamic, flowing, softer style movements to help work the lymphatic pump to remove wastes. No lights this morning–Session in the dark added to the Bootcamp atmosphere – particularly challenging in the balancing poses!

Motivation used the hard/ soft technique by feeling open-hearted and good about life after Yoga Bootcamp, then needing to be assertive when talking with someone about their behaviour. All soft is not useful, all hard is not healthy. Like a healthy cell, the balanced recruit will have enough boundaries to let the good stuff in, and the bad stuff out. The understanding and embodiment of that is part of the training for the Recruits.

Focus chose the plank/ downward dog cardio-combo for the birthday pose. We did an undisclosed number of cycles – same as her birthdays!  Tomorrow- graduation ceremony.

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