Detox Yoga Feedback

Some of the recruits played with prune juice over the weekend with varying results from ‘very effective’ to ‘nothing happened’. Breathing to aid detoxification, twists for the internal organs, and naulis completed the Yoga Bootcamp session this morning. Beachcomber reported that not only is her stomach feeling stronger, but she noticed over the weekend that she felt stronger, healthier all throughout her body. When asked if she was coming to the 6 am session today she said “You bet!!”.   Put the work in, recruits, and you will get results. It is a wonderful feeling when the body started to consolidate and you can feel your core – centred, grounded, strong, balanced, calm yet energised. Outdoor session tomorrow in mystery location. PS: Welcome to ‘Spirit’ – back from deployment in Mexico.

 Sgt Bootcamp

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  1. Hi Sargent –

    Thanks for the great de-tox bootcamp so far. Just as some feedback, I think I have improved control of all of the parts of the mula bunda – even though I am slower at the lifts, I am doing it with more awareness of this area and gaining more control of all parts. I may have focussed too much on the bladder area in the past, to the detriment of the other end of the bunda if that makes sense… (?)

    Thanks, Epaulette. Also – FYI – about weighing the body and weight loss – just one view… I prefer a tapemeasure – and I have been measuring myself for just over one year… 8 – 10 cm off the waist in that time!! (depending on the bloat of the belly).

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