Good Health is like a Mixing Bowl …

Thursday Day 8: Some recruits feeling a little tender around the kidney/ adrenal area, from the postures and twists waking that area up. All report finding abdominal muscles and a sense of strength.  Secretly – only Spirit said it in the reporting in session – but apparently everyone has been experiencing it – the troops are ravenous! Sgt will talk more about yoga’s effect on metabolism and digestion next week – and the experience of hunger.

Meanwhile we discussed the concept that health is not a linear process – as in “I will give up coffee for 4 days to unload my liver, and then I blow it by having coffee again on the weekend” – like a black and white success and failure issue.

Your health process is akin to putting many, many elements into a giant mixing bowl. Just like the chemistry that goes on with your baking when one ingredient affects another [think of how baking soda affects the other cake ingredients for example], each element of your existence – your food intake, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, physical movement, breath, environment, seasons, age, sensory input, effect of your past, things denied/ suppressed, etc affect each other.  You can only ever hope to be Santosa.

You can only ever, at any point in time say – “for this moment I have done my best. I have full, and loving acceptance of that. I take full responsibility for my actions and the consequences. I decide to be happy with that. “ In other words – you can’t take the eggs out of the cake mixture, so, REALISTICALLY,  don’t fret over it!

Have a happy Yogic, Santosa Weekend.  See you 6 am for week three!  Sgt Bootcamp.

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