Ramp it up, ramp it down

One of the principles our recruits have signed on for, is that during the Yoga Bootcamp, we will be using different postures and working at differing paces to sometimes ramp up the energy, and sometimes ramp it down.  We did just that in this morning’s session. The question–can you have fun, move quickly, change without exhausting and jangling the nervous system. Can you maintain the inner core of calm–or more correctly, can you find it instantly to return to when disoriented, tired, puffed. Can you self-calm. Yoga isn’t about always moving slowly and quietly, but it is about the link between the mind and body, and how well you integrate the two.  Well done Team Summer Energy!!!  Outdoor session tomorrow weather permitting. 

Sgt Bootcamp

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2 thoughts on “Ramp it up, ramp it down

  1. Pain reduction through Yoga Bootcamp–great achievement. Have enjoyed your participation Epaulette.

    PS Sgt Bootcamp stills owes you payback for the early morning cheeky comments. Sergeant never forgets!

  2. I thought this ramping up and down was very useful to practice. Especially for me. I have definitely achieved my (old) goal of reducing pain, thanks to the [yoga]bootcamp. And… since tomorrow is the last day – I would like to say that I will miss the other recruits and being with them each morning. 🙂

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