Yoga ‘Best of’ BootCamp

0600 hours Yoga BootCamp lineup

0600 hours Yoga BootCamp lineup

Completely sold out

– what a fabulous group for the ‘Best of 2009’ 6 am Yoga BootCamp. All the very best, and most popular favourite yoga moments are combining in this three- week event.  Signon ended tonight with an interesting list of personal recruits’ goals, and corresponding ‘codenames’ to remember and inspire each individual as they work within the team structure.

Welcoming  Settle,  Centre,  Crystal,  Dream Girl,  Jingle Bells,  Sitting Bull,  Starbright, Desire, Blue Room, Stella, Big Fat Belly, Mellow, Dynamite, Wave, Honour into the Team. See you at the Studio door at o600 hours for the most fun you can have at 6 am!

The format of Yoga BootCamp means that many levels and ages and stages can work at the same time. Young, or old, experienced or beginner, everyone is usually juggling a little niggle somewhere. For some it is a past knee or ankle injury, others simply a familiar tight muscle like a neck that tenses up.  To put it bluntly, as we work quite quickly, a full team is actually easy to work with in this special ‘BootCamp’ way.  ‘Recruits’ can be easily grouped into sore shoulders  tricky knees, hip problems, etc.  This looks after the number one priority, which is risk management and making sure you respect Ahimsa – no violence to yourself by pushing further that [the weakest] part of your body can handle.

Yoga is about working within your body’s personal abilities, but it is always nice to know you’re not the odd one out within the group, isn’t it.

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