Yoga Boot Camp – Day 1

Give me your hands,
Give me your hearts,
I’m ready,
There’s only one direction,
One world and one nation,
Yeah one vision”

So, I’m baaaackkk! Last month’s code name was a bit of a misnomer…I really didn’t have time to commit to writing a blog while moving and starting a new business but in the big picture, I am really committed to loving and accepting myself, so I’m definitely not beating myself up about the lack of posts!

This month’s code word is ‘vision’ and for some reason last night I dreamed of doing yoga with my eyes closed. Any dream analysis for that one?

I have done an entire yoga session with my eyes closed once and it was such a beautiful experience I was actually moved to tears. You really settle into your body with one of your senses out of action. You trust your body to know where to place your hands and feet. Your sense of balance becomes magnified. You feel every beat of your heart and hear every breath. Awareness of yourself and your body is amplified and, for me, an amazing sense of gratitude for all that I am and what my body can do grew and grew throughout the session and that gratitude extended to those doing yoga around me, also with their eyes closed.

Eyes closed or not, I am excited to be back with our boot camp tribe and am grateful for the hearts and hands and bodies that show up at 5.45am!

PS Anyone guess the quote today?

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