Yoga Boot Camp – Day 4

“Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the stairs, we must step up the stairs” – Vaclav Havel

Not many people know this, but my vision for the future involves running a cottage style B&B that incorporates yoga, nutritious food from my own organic garden and speakers on a range of topics from yoga, diet, art, the ego vs the self (Eastern wisdom explained in a Western way), people management skills, relationships and so on. It is to be a place where people come to be nurtured: something that so many of us don’t have time for in our busy lives.

Over the last year, I have met some incredible people: almost all of them feed into this vision. I met Sarg, who’s style and philosophy struck a chord with me and I started yoga teacher training with her. I met an art guru, who believes in creating the possibility of anything and made me believe that I could in fact be a yoga teacher. I met a yoga teacher/psychologist who does brilliant talks on the ego and has run retreats: I occasionally help him out with the retreats and so I learn from him. I a raw food enthusiast, which has sparked a passion in me for it. I then the owner of Roar Food. I met a builder, who’s brain I am going to pick about building the cottages. And of course, I already knew my ‘go-to’ person for those times when I want to talk about human nature and dealing with different personality types.

On top of this, my relationships have blossomed and I feel comfortable talking with anyone about anything related to relating. And my husband and I have started managing units, which will give us the practical insight into managing accommodation. We work as the most awesome team; I just need to work some motorbike related activity into the retreat for him and it will be heaven!

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