Yoga [detox] Bootcamp: Week One

There is no doubt … Bootcamps get better every time! The recruits are working so strongly -they have already had major gains in applying the concept of self-calming for stress relief. And, they have reported feeling stronger through the back, abdomen and core after just one week. The intention of Yoga Bootcamp is to leave habits and pre-conceptions at the door, and investigate new ways of moving the body, and thinking about the body. For a couple of recruits, it is about learning to not push themselves so hard. Another couple are learning to awaken parts of the body that sleep, while the usual habits call upon the usual overworked muscles.

 Daily, detox tips on cards have been given to the recruits. Some of these, like ‘do a sea salt scrub of your entire body to exfoliate’, may be a tip to take note of, but to do on the weekend. Yesterday we talked water intake 1 litre for 25 kgs body weight. Today we talked prune juice after hydrating in the morning. Looking forward to hearing back from the recruits as to the detox they decided to do over the weekend!

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