Yoga Flexibility Program [BootCamp]

Welcome to all recruits signed-on for the new Flexibility Program. Looking forward to welcoming you at 0600 hours on Monday 6 July.

You are a really interesting, high-spirited and diverse group and I can see that you are going to test Sargeant BootCamp in her ability to keep it intesting for you.

In case you want to know each others codenames they are as follows:

[why take on a codename? 1. We often lose our sense of play in adulthood. The ability to play, imagine and be a bit silly is vitally important to health – physically and mentally.

2. You are invited to leave your habits, your history and all your baggage at the front door as you enter. We tempt you to step into a world of possibilities – fresh new start every day. Make the hour-long session a dedication to yourself. You have each chosen a codename that sums up your personal goals, or that is motivational to you….live that each time you attend.

Rollcall!   Pillow,  Soltar,  MiMi,  Ula Saba,  Dancing Diva,  General Flexibility,  Light, Grace, Progress, Rejuvenation, Action, Feline, MoMo (not to be confused with Mi Mi!), Inner Peace.

You are unique ………..and there will be other Yoga BootCamps………..but there will never be another Yoga Flexibility BootCamp with these recruits at this time. Liife is like that. ……a profound thought if you choose to reflect on it!

Over and Out, your ever devoted Sargeant BootCamp.

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