Yoga Boot Camp – Day 1

“You will find the key to success under the alarm clock.” – Benjamin Franklin

I would love to say I wanted to bound out of bed for the first yoga boot camp, but I’d be lying! After a big weekend of self-development and only about five hours sleep, I got up, caught a glance of my exhausted looking self in the mirror and almost went back to bed. And then I remembered my code name. Did I pick a great time to choose the word ‘commitment’ or what?

I chose the codename to remind me of my commitment to my yoga practice and to life. Even on the mornings it’s hardest to drag myself out of bed, yoga refreshes and revives me, and makes the world a better place. Can’t wait for tomorrow morning!

One thought on “Yoga Boot Camp – Day 1

  1. Five hours left to sleep, and yet I know that my state of mind makes the difference to my energy. Without abusing it, I learned a long time ago that yoga and meditation equal a good amount of sleep. Thanks for your inspiration!

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