A & P 1: textbook pre-reading etc….

Thanks to Lynda for getting me started with some unofficial info before we start posting news, course format and the exact details for Simon Borg-Olivier’s ‘Applied Anatomy and Physiology Seminars’ the last two weekends of November.                                                                      Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Exercise Practioners and Yogis

The YogaSynergy A & P textbook is an academic text and a resource that will keep you all entertained for years to come! Simon will not be using ‘anatomical descriptions’ much at the Seminars. In his desire to reach everyone with the information, I know he will say front , back, leg, arm etc.

We have worked out a system of headings, as he wants to give you as much of the text as he can over the 36 hours. He will talk about the 20 muscle groups rather than the 650 muscles. You will hear and feel a lot of info around the 9 main joint complexes ratherr than 250 joints.  Every body system interrelates, so he will be talking about the hip for example, and need to bring in the hip’s relationship with the spine. The headings will be posted here on the site, and if you are pre-registered, you will be emailed to let you know there is some new info.

Simon is just back from a 40 hour teaching in Kuala Lumpar so the seminar format will be posted shortly. My personal recommendation, if you want to dip in to a little pre-reading, would be to familiarise yourself with the following points:

  • Pages 51, 52, 53 on applied anatomy and physiology of yoga, are foundational to this seminar.
  • Bandhas 206-213 will be frequently referred to.
  • Bandhas are also tabled [with photos] with the 9 joint complexes in Appendix C (page 395).

More news soon,

Susan Wanmer

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